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How many treatments will it take?

Every BODY is unique and has individual treatment needs. My goal is to help you listen to your body so we can find the right amount of treatments for you. I respect your time and financial investment and want you to feel better! Research is finding that higher dosed acupuncture initially leads to more sustained results. Sometimes you can feel better from 1 or 2 treatments, but usually, there are three phases to getting lasting results with Acupuncture.

1. Relief Care: The initial complaint is addressed and involves more frequent treatments (can be as many as 1 to 3 times per week). Because acupuncture is cumulative, it is important to start your course of treatments with regularity and consistency. Sometimes people feel better with each additional session, sometimes they don’t notice much change and then all the sudden things start shifting after several treatments. Once you can go symptom-reduced until the next treatment, you know your body is ready to transition to corrective care.

2. Corrective Care: This is where underlying conditions that caused the initial complaint are addressed. This usually requires less frequent visits and generally addresses conditions to prevent relapse. I usually give this a few treatments once a week or every other week.

3. Maintenance Care: Maintenance is relatively infrequent and designed to provide “tune-ups” to help maintain optimal health. I personally receive acupuncture 2x a month, but some people find their sweet spot at once a month – or even as needed.

How to advance your healing and get more out of your time/money investment:

· Herbal Medicine - The use of herbs supports and enhances your acupuncture/bodywork treatments and can accelerate the healing process.

· Do your homework! – The email you receive after your first visit with me will include nutrition and lifestyle tips personalized to help your body maximize healing potential.

· Learn to listen to your body’s cues – Waking up at 3 am every morning? That’s your body telling you something is out of balance. Acid reflux after every meal? Another sign. The more you listen to your body and address the signs, the better handle you can get on your health. I can help you hear and understand these signals your body is sending you. IT IS POSSIBLE TO FEEL BETTER.

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