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Doulas in Clear Creek County/Idaho Springs Co | Birth and Labor Doula Amy Miley

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Mama…. You’re on your way! You are holding the most precious gift (or gifts for you mamas of multiples!) and you’re looking for a Clear Creek County Doula to help you on the journey.

Hi love. My name is Amy Miley and I am trained in providing doula services in Clear Creek County/Idaho Springs area (and beyond!). My background in herbs and acupuncture give me the tools you need for a more natural and pleasant birth. I’m here to take care of you, support you, and help you have a voice in your birth.

What is a Doula?

A doula is many things to a pregnant mother. A doula is a trained professional who assists and guides you through childbirth, along with your midwife or doctor, to help empower you, give you resources to make the best decisions, and to ease the pain of labor and childbirth.

A doula also helps by giving your partner someone to lean on (sometimes literally!), and have a calm presence in the delivery room or birth center.

Every doula is different. My background is in Chinese medicine, herbs, and acupuncture. And, I have a mindful, natural, and gentle approach to birth. As a doula, my role is to help you have the best birth experience possible, and be there for you as your prepare for one of the biggest moments of your life, and the first moments of your baby’s life earthside.

What are the Benefits to Having a Doula?

The benefits to having a doula are many. Firstly, as your doula, I will advise you on upcoming screenings and tests that many doctors ask of you. I’ll empower you to make your own choices when it comes to the ones you will accept or decide to skip. Remember, you do have choices. I will help you learn about each one and time it for every milestone in your pregnancy.

More benefits of having a doula are that you have someone right there with you while in the labor room or birth center to make sure that your birth plan is respected. And, as your doula, I will also emotionally comfort you and your partner if things do have to necessarily drift from that plan due to unforeseen medical emergencies.

Having someone who’s literally been there before (and as a witness to many births), puts your mind at ease, reminds you to breathe, can reduce the pain with acupressure and massage, and just generally adds one more person “on your side” during birth.

How to Find Your Perfect Doula for Your Birth Team in Clear Creek County Co

How to find a doula… ? You can research online for the best reviewed doulas in Clear Creek County and Idaho Springs (and the surrounding areas). Just look up doula reviews to start. Or, you can also ask your friends or doctors to recommend a doula that they love and trust. (Or you can schedule a complimentary consultation with me today!).

When asking yourself how to find a perfect doula for you and your family, it often comes down to what your gut is telling you inside. For those of you interviewing quality doulas for your baby’s birth, as I mentioned above, I offer a complimentary consultation to see if we are a good fit. Just click below to choose a day that works best for you.

How Much Does a Doula Cost? Is Hiring a Doula Expensive?

My doula services are priced starting at $1,200.

My basic package starts there and includes three acupuncture sessions as well as my presence and doula services at your birth. I offer additional acupuncture support, Chinese medicine and herbs for pregnancy, as well as placenta encapsulation and more, should you desire additional maternity services in addition to hiring me as your birth doula.

My pricing is up-front and a flat fee, so that you can prepare for all the other expenses that come along with birth.

What Does a Birth Doula Do? What Makes My Doula Services Different?

The best doulas in Clear Creek County and Idaho Springs all have one thing in common: we want to support you Mama, and be an advocate for you during birth labor.

Yet, what makes one doula different from the rest, is what makes every child different too. It’s our personalities and our “why." When looking to get matched with a doula, you will want to simply interview us. If your gut says yes, it’s a go! Just learning from each one can help you make a decision based on your maternal instinct.

Finding a doula can be a process, so I recommend starting as soon as you can, so that you have my love and support for the longest duration of your pregnancy.

To schedule an initial interview and see if my doula services are a good match for you, just click here to find a day and time that work for you. I look forward to connecting with you, Mama.

Clear Creek County Acupuncture & Holistic Health is located at 2060 Miner Street Idaho Springs, CO 80452. Call 303-900.2138 for more information and to schedule! (Or click here.)

And ps… if no one’s told you yet today, you’re doing a great job, and you are SO brave!

~ Amy

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