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Community Acupuncture Clinic at CCMRD Rec Center...

Join me every 3rd Thursday of the month from 4 to 7 pm at CCMRD rec center for community style Acupuncture in the silver room. $40 Acupuncture treatments!

What is community/group Acupuncture?

Community/Group Acupuncture is just that – healing in a group setting. Your Acupuncture experience may be shared with another member of the community who is also receiving treatment. CCC Community Acupuncture clinic will be held in a large, quiet room, rather than a private room like modern Acupuncture settings. And because you’ll be in a room with other people, you’ll be treated while seated or lying in a zero-gravity chair. You will remain fully clothed and needles will be inserted only in the areas I can easily access – your arms, hands, lower legs, feet, head and ears.

Before your treatment, you will be handed an iPad to complete your intake and paperwork and to pay for services. Any questions you have will be answered away from the other patients receiving treatment to maintain privacy. You are not required to schedule an appointment for these treatments, as this is a “drop-in” type structure, but it is always a good idea to schedule online at Clear Creek County Acupuncture to ensure you have a spot and your paperwork is filled out.

The chairs are spaced about 6 feet apart to maintain a soothing setting. You are encouraged to keep talking to a minimum, even though there will be sound machines and low music. Once the needles are in, you’re free to relax until you’re ready to leave, for most people this is between 30 & 45 minutes. When you’re ready, you will just open your eyes and make eye contact with me. I’ll pull the needles and you can be on your way!

Why community/group Acupuncture?

We can all agree there is a lack of affordable and accessible healthcare, especially in Clear Creek County, and I feel strongly about supporting the health of my hometown community. I understand the struggles of paying for healthcare, paying high deductibles, dealing with confusing insurance, and being denied benefits. Community Acupuncture is a way to take charge of your health in a very empowering way.

Many clinics across the country have chosen to adopt the community acupuncture model approach because it makes getting treatment more accessible and affordable.

Treating patients in a community setting has many benefits––it’s easy for friends and family members to come in for treatment together; many patients find it comforting; and a collective energetic field becomes established which actually makes individual treatments more powerful.

Who is community/group Acupuncture for?

Of course, my answer is going to be, “for everyone” … because Acupuncture is a powerful tool to help your body heal naturally. Some people will find this type of Acupuncture more beneficial than others.

Community Acupuncture is for you if:

· You want to receive regular Acupuncture, but need a more affordable option

· You would like to share your experience with family or friends who come to the treatment with you

· You are familiar with the holistic healing process and don’t feel like you need a lot of guidance.

· Want a monthly relaxation tune-up

· Want to be able to feel supported by your community in your healing

· Want to use Community Acupuncture in conjunction with your private Acupuncture as a way of off-setting the cost

Private Acupuncture is for you if:

· You feel more comfortable in a private room, on a massage table, in a spa-like setting

· Have more complex health concerns

· Would like in-depth guidance on nutrition, lifestyle, mindfulness and holistic living

· Would like to receive other modalities related to Chinese medicine during your treatment. Like Cupping, Gua Sha, herbal therapy, E-Stim, Tui Na (Chinese massage), and more

· Can commit to a treatment plan to treat the root cause of your symptoms

· Need a wider variety of points accessed, like the points on your back or abdomen.

If you have questions about which treatment setting would be more beneficial for you, I am happy to answer. Both private and community carry value for your health, just in different ways. If the demand goes up for community style acupuncture, I am committed to finding a way to offer clinics more frequently.

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