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From a traditional Chinese medical standpoint, labor is very depleting to a woman’s body.  The loss of blood (Yin) and energy (Qi) during labor, even an uninterrupted and all-natural labor, opens an “emptiness” inside your body.  This empty space, if not properly nourished, can lead to future health problems like postnatal anxiety/depression, low milk supply, fatigue, low immunity, poor ability to fight infection, and more. 

Human Placenta, or Zi He Che, is one of the most tonifying herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  It helps boost the body’s ability to heal especially after the intensity of birth.  Combined with a diet rich in whole foods, vitamins & minerals, Zi He Che works wonders to restore a woman’s postpartum energy.  Zi He Che is treasured for its ability to enhance healing, energy, breastmilk supply, mood, and libido.

Alcohol tinctures have a very long shelf life, so the tinctured version of Zi He Che can be especially useful for future health concerns.  I suggest it during times of stress, for a libido boost, increasing fertility in the future, and as an overall immunostimulant. 

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