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What to expect during your Acupuncture treatment in Idaho Springs

  • Schedule your first appointment and fill out the intake 

  • Bring a list of medications & supplements and the dosages you are taking.

  • Wear loose-fitting & comfortable clothing

  • Acupuncture lowers your blood sugar.  Make sure to eat something before EVERY treatment.  This will help the treatment work better.

  • Know that you are in a safe space.  I will not judge you.  You are free to express whatever feels therapeutic to you and are always welcome to ask questions.

  • Make sure you place your phone on silent and PLEASE DO NOT HAVE IT ON THE TREATMENT TABLE WITH YOU.  This distraction can take away the value of your time here.

  • Make sure to drink plenty of water after your appointment and follow any post-treatment tips I may have

  • We will go over your paperwork, your reasons for seeking care & expectations and questions.  Because of the holistic nature of this medicine, we will talk about a lot of things like your lifestyle, nutrition, stress levels, and even your poop.  :)

  • Once I've got a good grasp on what your body needs to start healing, you'll lay down on the comfy treatment table and I'll take your pulses and look at your tongue.  This is so I can confirm that my treatment plan matches with what your body is telling me.

  • You'll recieve needles.  They can be placed literally anywhere on your body.  They may not be in areas you're expecting them to go, but they will still do their job!

  • Please tell me if you're ever uncomfortable at any point during the treatment.  Adjustments can always be made to make sure you get a relaxing and therapeutic experience.

  • I usually leave the needles in around 28 - 35 minutes depending on your body's tolerance.  Longer is not always better.

  • You will get this time to rest.  Most people report they feel deep relaxation and get a chance to knock off for a bit.  It's common to have emotional releases during this time.  Some people say they can feel a heaviness or achyness at the needle site.  That's normal too.

  • After the treatment time, I will pull needles and may apply an adjunct therapy like cupping, moxibustion, gua sha, or massage.  

  • We will go over your treatment plan, homework and any recommendations I will have for you.

  • We will discuss herbs, but I don't prescribe any herbal formulas on the first visit.  This is so I can properly research and put together a custom herb treatment plan that can be started at your second appointment.

  • Your next appointment is scheduled.

  • You leave feeling better than you came!

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