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Your Clear Creek County Doula.

Having a healthcare advocate for one of the biggest moments in your family's lives will set your mind at ease.  I provide doula services for the pre and post-natal stages of pregnancy.

I am trained professional who provides families with emotional, physical, and interpersonal support during pregnancy, child birth and the post-partum period.  I help pregnant people visualize and practice their ideal pregnancies and births by acting as a liaison between expecting families and the healthcare system. 

My training in acupuncture and herbs can help you all the way through your pregnancy. I specialize in this unique time to address all of the pregnant person's needs in a changing body.  From treatments for morning sickness, constipation, backaches, to techniques for turning a breech baby, speeding up the labor process, and easing the pains of contraction, I got you, momma. 

I also offer plenty of post-natal support like breastmilk enhancing herbs, vaginal steaming, and treatments to subdue postpartum depression or anxiety.

Traditional Placenta Services provide a safe and effective way to enhance your postpartum healing.

Doula Services: Service
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