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Injection therapy/Biopuncture is the injection of sterile remedies or vitamins into trigger points or Acupuncture points for the rapid relief of pain.

Biopuncture is especially useful for loosening chronic "tight spots" in muscles caused by injury, trauma, repetitive motion or inflammation.  The homeopathic remedy helps promote healing by reducing inflammation.

Common areas of treatment are the shoulders, glutes, hips, and upper back. Vitamin injections, such as B12 are usually given in the lower leg. 

Vitamin B12 injections are a safe effective way to enhance your cellular health and provide a natural energy boost.  These injections are ideal if you have poor gut health or a vitamin deficiency.   

Injection therapy is a safe and natural alternative to cortisone shots; offering relief for neck & back pain, muscle strain, tendinosis, sciatica, & pain conditions like fibromyalgia.  The solution does not contain any pharmaceutical or over-the-counter medication, and is administered by a credentialed practitioner.  The remedies are FDA approved 

Injection Therapy/Biopuncture: About Us
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