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Holistic Health.  Whole You.

Amy Miley LAc, MSOM

You've found your place for Acupuncture in Idaho Springs, Colorado.  With this medicine, you can take charge of your health and start feeling better.  Treatments cover a wide variety of conditions like hormonal health, digestive health, immune support, pain relief, mental health, and overall well-being.  

 Imagine what it would be like to finally live comfortably in your body.  Today is the BEST day to start healing.  

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I have enjoyed having a professional who really listens to what I have to say about how I am feeling and my symptoms; this has helped me heal at the root cause of my problem rather than putting a band aid over the symptoms.  I would highly recommend acupuncture to anyone, but especially with Amy. She is really easy to talk to, even on the toughest pain days. It has been a tough nearly 2 years of my disease now and having a medical professional who cares so much about me as a patient has been such a blessing after being pushed aside and bounced from one doctor to the next, or given heavy medicines that have major side effects, and don’t even treat the underlying problem. Seeing Amy each week has given me the strength I need not only physically, but mentally as well.


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